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make_a_match's Journal

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It's all pretty simple. Make a post and tell everyone about yourself. Make sure you specify age, gender, marital status, and sexual preference to avoid any confusion. Pictures are welcomed, but not required. If you see someone you'd like to get to know more, tell them! For the sake of saving space, please put lengthy posts behind a cut.

At this time, minors are allowed to join. Because of this, any pictures or content that is objectionable for children to view will be deleted (this includes icons). Repeat offenses will result in the guilty party being banned. So make sure your default icon or whichever you use when posting is "safe" before you post and all is well. Also, don't try picking up on kids, and kids don't try picking up adults. I'd like this community not to be a part in breaking any laws. If you lie about your age and I find out about it, you will be banned.
Flaming will not be tolerated. If you don't like someone, settle it elsewhere or leave. If you don't agree with someone's lifestyle, be quiet or leave. This is a zero tolerance policy; keep things civil or you're gone.

The object of this community is to meet people, and most importantly, have fun!
As the community grows, we'll be adding games, polls, and other fun stuff for the members to do while looking for ms. or mr. right;)

If you have any questions or complaints, it can be taken care of faster if you email me. Thanks!