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looking for guys!

1. Age: 16, turning 17 in October
2. Sex: Female
3. Location: Central Illinois
4. Height: 5'9"
5. Body Type: average... not skinny and not chubby
also i've been told by numerous people (strangers and not) that i look like Sandra Bullock (facial features)
6. Hair: naturally medium brown but i dye it red sometimes, and it's ranged from very short to long
7. Eyes: brown
8. Religion: Christian but i'm not picky about a guy's religion, and i'm not very religious either, i go to church on Sundays, that's about it
9. Education: senior in high school, looking at colleges
10. Occupation: looking for a job, most likely at a cafe
11. Smoker: nope, and i don't like smokers
12. Drinker: no
13. Marital Status: single
14. Have Children: no
15. Want (more) Children: when i'm married
16. Interests: music, movies, hanging with friends, random and deep conversations, animals, parties, social activities, photography, interior design, some sports, (i'm not too athletic but i do play for fun) computer stuff, goofing around, traveling, community service, HAVING FUN, ..and more

Looking for:
1. Age: 16-20
2. Sex: Male
3. Location: preferably somewhere in Illinois, but i wouldn't mind at all being friends with someone in another state, and who knows what could happen
4. Height: well since i'm tall i prefer guys to be my height or taller to date, but it's not a high priority of mine..and for friends i don't care the height
5. Body Type: average or thin, not overweight, muscles are always a plus:)
6. Hair: short, shaggy, buzzed, dark, light, bleached, i don't care.. but not too long
7. Eyes: i don't care
8. Religion: i'm not picky
9. Education: high school or college
10. Occupation: not important, but a working guy is a plus
11. Smoker: NO, if so we can only be friends, and you can't smoke around me ;)
12. Drinker: i don't mind if a guy's had a few drinks before, but i don't like guys that regularly get drunk or anything, i'm not into that
13. Marital Status: you had BETTER be single!!
14. Have Children: no
15. Want Children: that's not an issue right now... but i hope that if you want kids that you want to get married first.

guys IM me SwedishChica05 or email or of course you can reply to this post if you're interested :) i'm very friendly and up for pretty much anything
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