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looking for guys! [25 Sep 2004|03:32pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

1. Age: 16, turning 17 in October
2. Sex: Female
3. Location: Central Illinois
4. Height: 5'9"
5. Body Type: average... not skinny and not chubby
also i've been told by numerous people (strangers and not) that i look like Sandra Bullock (facial features)
6. Hair: naturally medium brown but i dye it red sometimes, and it's ranged from very short to long
7. Eyes: brown
8. Religion: Christian but i'm not picky about a guy's religion, and i'm not very religious either, i go to church on Sundays, that's about it
9. Education: senior in high school, looking at colleges
10. Occupation: looking for a job, most likely at a cafe
11. Smoker: nope, and i don't like smokers
12. Drinker: no
13. Marital Status: single
14. Have Children: no
15. Want (more) Children: when i'm married
16. Interests: music, movies, hanging with friends, random and deep conversations, animals, parties, social activities, photography, interior design, some sports, (i'm not too athletic but i do play for fun) computer stuff, goofing around, traveling, community service, HAVING FUN, ..and more

Looking for:
1. Age: 16-20
2. Sex: Male
3. Location: preferably somewhere in Illinois, but i wouldn't mind at all being friends with someone in another state, and who knows what could happen
4. Height: well since i'm tall i prefer guys to be my height or taller to date, but it's not a high priority of mine..and for friends i don't care the height
5. Body Type: average or thin, not overweight, muscles are always a plus:)
6. Hair: short, shaggy, buzzed, dark, light, bleached, i don't care.. but not too long
7. Eyes: i don't care
8. Religion: i'm not picky
9. Education: high school or college
10. Occupation: not important, but a working guy is a plus
11. Smoker: NO, if so we can only be friends, and you can't smoke around me ;)
12. Drinker: i don't mind if a guy's had a few drinks before, but i don't like guys that regularly get drunk or anything, i'm not into that
13. Marital Status: you had BETTER be single!!
14. Have Children: no
15. Want Children: that's not an issue right now... but i hope that if you want kids that you want to get married first.

guys IM me SwedishChica05 or email svenskatos@hotmail.com or of course you can reply to this post if you're interested :) i'm very friendly and up for pretty much anything

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i want a girl to hold [03 Jul 2004|01:51am]

[ mood | lonely ]

i've had 2 girlfreinds be4, but they moved to the otherside of the U.S. i'm a heart-broken 16/m/MI.

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